10 Good Reasons You May Want to Have Kids

After reading 10 Good Reasons You May not Want to Have Kids, I thought I might redo the list from my own perspective.

  1. They are Noisy

    Seeing the pure joy, coupled with giggling/screaming with laughter while going down a slide or going so high on the swings that they think they are going into low earth orbit can’t be beat. And sometimes out of all that noise comes the funniest comments you have ever heard.

  2. Social Responsibility

    Raising your children to be outstanding world citizens can make you so proud your heart will burst. Until you have kids you never realize why your parents wanted you to be successful in everything you did and how your achievements may have meant more to them then to you.

  3. They Are an Economic Drain

    Money is only money and by managing it, say from websites with great single income parenting advice, you can spend more time having fun with your children then worrying about money.

  4. You Have to Teach them Things

    For those people out there without kids, a kid is like a pet that learns to talk and never stops learning tricks. You get to teach them all kinds of nifty things. You can be a minor deity just by knowing how to make a proper mud pie or how to rub a balloon on their hair and stick it to a wall.

  5. The TV Shows and Books you will have to Endure

    You get to rehash some of your favorite books from when you were a kid and can make up funny voices for them that will have the kids rolling in the aisles. Also, you can expose them to older shows like the Muppet Show and the original Scooby Doo.

  6. Their Friends

    They bring home the most interesting people and you realize that not everyone raises their kids like you and amazingly it works out. Plus you can be the cool parent that always has the homemade cookies or the cardboard box fort to play in.

  7. Constant Illness

    The parenting bond is never stronger than when you are nursing a kid back to health. The feeling you get when they finally fall asleep and look so peaceful after throwing up all over the place is priceless.

  8. They Attract the Ill-Will of Strangers

    A phrase that sticks in my mind. “I’ve got a .45 and shovel, you won’t be missed.” 😉

  9. Once they are Born you are Pretty much Stuck with them

    You get to see your children go from drooling blobs to feisty teenagers to respectable adults to parents themselves. And you can look back on it all and be amazed at how much you have accomplished by having children. You won’t remember having to spend $200 on that new carseat but you will remember reaching back and having your child grasp your fingers for the first time while riding in it.

  10. They are Ungrateful

    They only go through this phase for a while and then they realize how smart you have “become” and maybe you do know something.

1 thought on “10 Good Reasons You May Want to Have Kids”

  1. I think this is fantastic. I am a single mom and I know how crazy it can be. However, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! I love the positive twist placed on each negative reason to not have kids. My child is a Blessing from God in my life. Thank you for this positive spin.

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