Garden Tips

If you are interested in starting your own little veggie garden plot, here are a few tips.

1. Find a spot that is suitable to your needs. For example: sunny, away from animals, etc.

2. Check the pH balance of your soil and compare it to the needs of your proposed veggies. Most seed packets have the necessary pH information. Add compost or potting soil to your growing area if needed.

3. Consider building a grow box lined with chicken wire. Especially if you live in gopher-prone areas.

4. Purchase seeds from a reliable source. Try to buy heirloom or non-genetically-modified seeds.

5. Set your seeds out in seedling trays. Grow veggies that are appropriate for your current climate/season.

6. Water your seed faithfully.

7. Transplant to your garden area when seedlings have at least two sets of leaves. Maybe more.

8. Continue to water and check for troublesome weeds daily if you can.

9. Harvest when ripe and enjoy!

Mend Your Own Jeans

I ripped my favorite pair of denim capris yesterday and it is definitely not in the budget to get a new pair right now. So, I pulled out my handy dandy textile adhesive and some denim fabric scraps. Voila, now my capris will last a few more months.

I use Aleene’s Super Fabric Textile Adhesive. It can be found at WalMart for about $3.00. This stuff is amazing. (It is also very toxic, so use it carefully.) Once the glue dries, you can machine wash the clothing and it should stay adhered. I’ve used the stuff to patch clothing, put a skirt together out of old jeans, adhere a button to a pillow and ‘decorate’ clothing with beads or other ‘flair.’

iPhones vs iamFrugal

Anya Kamenetz over at Yahoo Finance has a great article about staying frugal in the age of the iPhone. In addition to adding up the costs of an iPhone she lays out some great basic tips for keeping it frugal. One tip that I cannot recommend highly enough is:

2. Food: Cook It

Actually, I highly recommend all of her tips, also be sure to read her other articles, she has some good advice.

Enjoy the Simplest Things

I think the simplest things in life can be the sweetest.

Looking in the bedroom and seeing The Boy and His Dad laying on the bed reading together.

Eating cherry tomatoes right off the vine.

Finding the biggest or ‘coolest’ leaf.

Stopping to smell the flowers on a walk.

Eating homemade bread right out of the oven.

Getting to read (!) on the patio while The Boy is busy emptying the pool water into the sandbox.

Walking around, checking out the wares at the local Farmers’ Market.

And here’s the kicker. Most of these simple pleasures are free! Don’t forget to count your blessings as you encounter life on a single income.

Favorite Race Car Books

Currently, The Boy is into race cars. Every once in a while Daddy watches a little bit of Nascar and The Boy loves it when the cars go, “’round and ’round and ’round!” We’ve also started watching the movie ‘Cars.’ He doesn’t have the longest attention span, so we’ve only gotten about half-way through the movie so far. But he already loves Lightning McQueen.

Anyhow, we’ve checked out these books quite often in recent weeks. I’ve even gone so far as to purchase The Wheels on the Race Car for our nephew and The Boy for Christmas. Even though we might never get the tune (The Wheels on the Bus) out of our heads. The other two books in our top three: R Is for Race: A Stock Car Alphabet and The Racecar Alphabet.

Check out your local library, yard sales or used book venues for these fun books.