Baby Bargains Book

Although this might be better found at a garage sale, Baby Bargains is a good book to have along if you are embarking on the journey that is called parenting. Particularly if you are going down the single-income road or are just money-conscientious in general.

The book lists great deals and money-saving strategies for a wide variety of must-have items, from maternity wear, baby clothes, and diapers to furniture, bedding, and toys. Extensive charts allow parents to compare and contrast name-brand cribs, strollers, high chairs, child safety seats, baby monitors, and more. Now in its seventh edition, the book has been completely revised and updated to include new sections on toddler topics like potty training and booster seats;the latest news on hot strollers, including new models from Europe; new reviews on ultra-modern nursery furniture brands; extensive charts that compare and contrast name-brand cribs, strollers, high chairs, baby monitors and more; and a special section on Canada bargains, with expanded reviews on Canadian brands and discount sources.

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