Book Review: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

Another book that we relied heavily on when The Boy was an infant and which we still refer to now and then is

by Dr. Marc Weissbluth. In fact, our family mantra comes straight out of this book: A Well-Rested Family Is A Happy Family. It is what I sign on all “advice to the new mother” pages at baby showers. It is what we said over and over when we were sleep-training The Boy.

Everyone has a different stand on sleeping and where the baby should sleep (in bed, in a crib, in a co-sleeper), whether or not sleep-training should be used and when a baby should no longer need to eat during the night. Whatever your own beliefs are, I do think this is a good book to read. Dr. Weissbluth covers a multitude of issues, from sleep training to night terrors, nap timing to bedtime routines. He does emphasize the importance of naps and wake time and suggests ways to determine your own child’s sleep pattern. I did not feel that this book was ‘preachy.’ In fact, I felt that I, as the reader, was being encouraged to figure out what would really work best for my own family. The book has statistics, but I didn’t find them too overwhelming.

Now, I must admit that The Boy was and still is a great sleeper. But this book helped us stay on track to establish a sleep routine and stick with it.

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