Destination Dinners as a Gift

I recently attended a bridal shower where the bride-to-be received a Destination Dinner as a gift. What an amazing and unique gift!

Destination Dinners was established as a California company in 2005 by Lisa Diamond, a self proclaimed “culinary adventurer”. Each kit is designed to provide a delicious, authentic dish for four, coupled with fun and educational facts about the food, etiquette and culture of each destination.

Destination Dinners is perfect for travelers, foodies, and people curious about cultures from around the globe. Designed as a gift, yet affordable enough to buy for yourself, the kits are customizable to meet the needs of both consumer and corporate customers.

Of course I had to check out the website to see how pricey they are because I want to give them as gifts in the future. The current price is $20.00 per kit plus shipping. Each kit serves 4-6 people and comes with detailed instructions, the more unusual ingredients, a shopping list for the common/perishable ingredients, trivia and more. It seems like a great, reasonably priced item that would make an excellent gift.

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