Emergency Contact Information

Even though we rarely leave The Boy with a sitter, I felt compelled to create an Emergency Information sheet for him soon after he was born. It’s actually nice to have on hand. I keep a couple of copies with the age and weight sections blank. Then I can just fill out a new one every few months or so. This is a handy, one-sheet to have for sitters or even for yourself.

I have emergency and non-emergency numbers for poison control, fire, police, and gas and electric. I have my home address and directions on how to get to my home. This might be especially helpful for a young babysitter who might need to tell an emergency service provider how to get to your home. I have The Boy’s name, birthplace, blood type, immunizations (I just pencil in “18 months immunizations complete” or something to that effect), age, weight and known allergies.

I have various family numbers listed, along with the names and numbers of our pediatrician, eye doctor, dentist and preferred hospital. At the bottom of the page, I’ve listed our medical insurance information and a brief, signed medical release statement in the event that The Boy needs medical attention and I cannot be reached. I’m happy to say (knocking on wood) that we’ve never had to use this information. It sure is nice to have all in one place though. I do leave a copy out when we have a sitter and I usually have a copy in the diaper bag for the rare occasion that I leave him at someone else’s house.

Poison Control
Fire Department Non-Emergency Number
Police Department Non-Emergency Number
PG&E Emergency Number

Home Address and Phone Number:
Directions :

Full Name:
Born at:
Blood Type:
Allergies to Food:
Allergies to Medicine:

Family Numbers:

Eye Doctor:
Preferred Hospital:

Medical Insurance Information:

Medical Release Information: I authorize any hospital or emergency facility to administer emergency medical treatment for my child, , in the event that I cannot be reached.

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