Family Meal Cookery

One of the most important things for your spouse and your kids is nutrition. Without proper nutrition, you can have all kinds of nasty problems, from obesity to being sick quite frequently. It makes sense to really focus on creating healthy meals that are both cheap and tasty.

If you aren”t what your friends would call a good cook, or maybe even a cook, fear not. Cooking is easy once you get used to it and there are also many ready to eat foods that are still healthy. I know, I know, ready to eat is such a bad word, but it doesn’t have to be. You can take something in a can or box, add a little extra something something to it and you have a great meal. Sometimes the hardest part is just deciding what to cook. And what food pyramid to look at and who to listen to on Food TV.

A great way to start getting some ideas and some diversity in your diet is to join a local farm program. Usually called CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, these are local farms that will provide you with a box of food weekly or so for a fee. Not only will you be supporting local farms, you will be forced to have a diverse meal. No more out of season foods for you, you will get in-season foods, packed with nutrition and flavor! They also sometimes give you recipes for exactly what is in the box, which is a great timesaver. You will be able to branch out and cook and eat foods that you normally would pass over in the supermarket.

In addition to farm produce, a easy way to cook and have leftovers is to the thing in your kitchen that everyone gets from their grandmother for their wedding, maybe even two of them and has probably never used. That”s right, I am talking about the marvelous invention called the Crockpot. Crazy idea I know, but they are really amazing. You can put something in when you get up and when dinner rolls around, you can have a complete one-pot meal ready. You can also have plenty of leftovers and can use up various veggies and other stuff from the fridge.

Buying in bulk can also help you financially. Just remember that you have to store all the food you buy and you don”t want it to go to waste. Buying a freezer chest for the garage is a great way to be able to buy lots of bulk food. You can package up your food in individual bags and only pull out what you need to defrost. You can even store you flour and other grains to keep them from spoiling.

Once you have your crockpot, your recipe books, your fresh produce and your freezer, you are ready to cook. Cooking large meals at a time will ensure a nice supply of leftovers, especially good for the working person in the house, spending $4-$6 a day on lunch is not the way to financial freedom. You can find tons of recipes on the internet, from Epicurious to Food TV.

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