Family’s Best Friend on the Cheap

If you have a pet, you know how easy it can be to spend money like no one’s business on them. A new collar, chew toys, fancy food, plush beds, even clothes in some cases! All that can add up very quickly, you would think a tiny sweater would be $5 or so, not $20!

We have one 50 lb dog that we budget $50 a month for and that seems to work out fine. You will have months where the costs will be higher, the yearly checkup is one that comes to mind, but it will usually even out in the end. One way to save money is to purchase any medicine like Frontline or anti-flea soaps or sprays online and NOT at the vet’s office. They can be almost twice as expensive in some cases!

We do splurge a little bit in this food category, buying the slightly expensive Eukanuba pet food instead of a generic product. They are probably all the same but we have been with Eukanuba for the dog’s entire life so why switch now.

If you have a baller like we do, you can find huge lots of used tennis balls on eBay for next to nothing. They usually come from a tennis academy or school and have plenty of bounce left in them. You can usually get them in lots of 50 or more that will last for many many years. Don’t buy fresh tennis balls just for your dog to slobber all over and chew through.

Just keep in mind that pets are quite content with only a few things and really don’t need that plush velvet bed.

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  1. If you want a premium dog food for a low cost, try Canidae. Dogs don’t digest corn, and Eukanuba (IAMS) is high in corn. A quality dog food will have a meat meal as the first ingredient, preferably the first two ingredients, with NO corn or wheat. By feeding a truly premium dog food, your dog will be healthier, which means fewer vet visits.

    I have 5 kids, 7 dogs, and even more cats, so I know what it’s like to provide for a family on a shoe string budget! But feeding a truly premium food, like Canidae and Felidae, saves money in the long run.

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