Favorite Race Car Books

Currently, The Boy is into race cars. Every once in a while Daddy watches a little bit of Nascar and The Boy loves it when the cars go, “’round and ’round and ’round!” We’ve also started watching the movie ‘Cars.’ He doesn’t have the longest attention span, so we’ve only gotten about half-way through the movie so far. But he already loves Lightning McQueen.

Anyhow, we’ve checked out these books quite often in recent weeks. I’ve even gone so far as to purchase The Wheels on the Race Car for our nephew and The Boy for Christmas. Even though we might never get the tune (The Wheels on the Bus) out of our heads. The other two books in our top three: R Is for Race: A Stock Car Alphabet and The Racecar Alphabet.

Check out your local library, yard sales or used book venues for these fun books.

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