Free Diaper Bag?

As I was cleaning out The Boy’s closet this afternoon, it occurred to me that we really didn’t need to register for or buy a diaper bag. We actually own a total of five. One lives permanently in the car, the other four on the floor of The Boy’s closet. One diaper bag was lovingly knitted for us by my very talented sister, we registered and received two, and two came free from our hospital. The point of this post is to find out if your hospital gives away a free diaper bag and if it will suit your needs before going ahead and buying one.

We took a childbirth class (worth the $100 registration fee in my opinion) and received one free diaper bag there. The other one came home with us from the hospital when The Boy was born. Both free bags came with lots of free goodies, samples and information. They are both on the small side, but it would have been doable with just those two. I always over pack for every excursion anyhow. Another cool thing about the two free bags is that they both can double as a cooler bag. They are lined with easily-cleaned plastic and came with freezer ice packs.

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