Games to Play in the Car

A ParentHacks post about playing “I Spy” in the car made me think of our most recent car trip. It was just a three-hour jaunt to my hometown for the weekend, but still, a significant amount of time in the car for The Boy.
We played a fair bit of “I Spy.” We particularly love to spy tractors, trucks, buses and trains.

Counting is another fun game. Several times during the trip, we counted the trees along the road or yellow trucks or stoplights.

For long car trips I pack books that I have nearly memorized. He can get them out and I can ‘read’ to him from the front while he follows along. Books on tape/cd might be a better way to roll with this as he gets older.

The Boy doesn’t love to sing himself, but does love to hear Mommy sing songs. Especially silly, made-up songs about whatever topic he picks. He hasn’t noticed or maybe he doesn’t care that they are usually all sung to the tunes of “Twinkle, Twinkle” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

Other car trip tips:

Pack snacks and water that are within easy reach of you or your kids. Depending on their ages, you may want to plan specially timed snack stops. If you are traveling with your spouse or another adult, then it may be easier to have someone else hand out snacks and activities.

Plan regular stops to break up the time in the car. We have found that even a quick bathroom/stretch your legs stop every 1 1/2 to 2 hours really helps!

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