Garbage Truck Day

The Boy loves, loves, loves the Garbage Truck. Today was green waste pick-up day and street sweeper day. We happened to be out on a walk and got to see the tractor that picks up the green waste, the garbage truck where the tractor puts all the green waste, AND the street sweeper. We stopped for a while and watched all three. As we continued on our walk we saw them again and again. Each time, we stopped and watched them for a little while. What a great, fun, free activity.

Fire trucks and police cars are also popular with The Boy and his cohorts. We often walk past the fire station and police station (on the same street – it’s a pretty small town) and have occasionally been able to see a fire truck leaving the station with its lights on. Check around your own community for places to see local service vehicles in action. It can be fun. And did I mention that it’s free!?!

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