Garden Tips

If you are interested in starting your own little veggie garden plot, here are a few tips.

1. Find a spot that is suitable to your needs. For example: sunny, away from animals, etc.

2. Check the pH balance of your soil and compare it to the needs of your proposed veggies. Most seed packets have the necessary pH information. Add compost or potting soil to your growing area if needed.

3. Consider building a grow box lined with chicken wire. Especially if you live in gopher-prone areas.

4. Purchase seeds from a reliable source. Try to buy heirloom or non-genetically-modified seeds.

5. Set your seeds out in seedling trays. Grow veggies that are appropriate for your current climate/season.

6. Water your seed faithfully.

7. Transplant to your garden area when seedlings have at least two sets of leaves. Maybe more.

8. Continue to water and check for troublesome weeds daily if you can.

9. Harvest when ripe and enjoy!

1 thought on “Garden Tips”

  1. Love your blog. Being a single parent, I definitely do the one income thing! Regarding gardening, believe it or not, I didn’t follow your second step. Maybe next time…

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