Get Rich. And Quick!

You have probably gotten a million emails along these lines. The wife of the disposed leader of Nigeria. That hot stock tip. Stuff envelopes from the comfort of your home! With only a little effort, you can become rich!

You probably wonder why these emails are even sent anymore, does anyone fall for them? Well, the reason spammer send them is people still get hooked. The lure of easy money is too much for most people, especially people that are pinching their pennies and are on single income. Since the cost of sending spam is next to nothing, even if they get a few responses for every million emails, they can still make a little money.

The truth is that there is no reliable way to make money quickly with no effort. No matter what the salesman on your doorstep tells you, hang on to your pennies! There are reliable ways to make money, but they usually take time and effort. Investing, side jobs, even this crazy thing called blogging are some of the ways you can get rich.

Putting away a set amount of money every month, even if it is only $50, can go a long way in 40 years when you retire. Compound interest is the best friend you can have in the financial world, it will repay you many times over. Ignore those hot stock tips and invest in a mutual fund or index fund that will grow at a nice steady pace. If you keep your money in safe places and limit your risk and the downside, the upside will take care of itself!

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