Gifts that Matter

Instead of giving useless knick-knacks to relatives this year, why not make a charitable donation in their name.

There are plenty of worthy causes out there. Charity Navigator is one website devoted to helping you determine what charity is best for your own giving.

Our personal favorite charity is Heifer Project International. HPI has over 800 projects in 50 countries. They offer livestock, education and other resources to families facing hunger throughout the world. With each gift comes the requirement of ‘passing of the gift.’ For example, a family may be given a gift of a pregnant goat along with the education of how to care for the animal. This family, would, in turn, be required to give the next female goat born to another family, creating a positive ripple effect. The goat will provide milk and manure to be used as fertilizer. HPI focuses on sustainable agriculture development education for all gift recipients. There is a donation level for everyone. From a $10 donation toward a ‘share of rabbits’ to a $500 Heifer, you can help make someone’s life better. For each $10 donation you may receive an honor card to give to your relative or friend if the donation is a gift in their name.

There are many worthy charities out there. Find one that works for you. Here are some more ideas: Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, Toys for Tots, Cancer Research, Wildlife Conservation.

Or keep your donation local. Donate to your local Zoo, Animal Shelter, Library or School.

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