Grasping at Straws

The next time you get set to travel, throw a few straws into your diaper bag. Actually, you may just want to keep some straws in your purse for day to day use too.

1. Put a little water in a cup and let your kids blow bubbles. This is a great entertainer on a flight or when waiting for food in a restaurant. Note: Just use a little water. And make sure it is water, not juice or another beverage that will make for messy clean up.

2. Let your kiddo suck on the straw during take off and landing during a flight. This may help relieve some inner ear pressure.

3. If your kids are younger, a straw could be a useful chew-toy.

4. If you have bend-y straws, you can stick them together, end to end to make a bigger toy.

5. Use them to practice counting.

6. Lay them out to make shapes, letters, numbers or other pictures.

7. Older kids can practice tying a bow using a straw.

8. Almost-silent drumsticks.

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