Holiday Paper Crafts

Handprint crafts are my favorite this season. Here are two that we did that were really successful.

    Handprint Wreath

1. Draw half a wreath on two pieces of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Preferably green. Cut out the halves and staple together to form the whole wreath.
2. Trace your child’s hand onto some green paper. I used several different printed papers from a Christmas Paper Stack along with plain green. Cut out handprints.
3. Let your kids glue or tape (double-stick is the best) the hands to the wreath.
4. Make paper embellishments. Cut a ‘ribbon’ out of red paper. Or glue actual ribbon to the wreath. Cut out ‘berries’ out of red paper.

    Handprint Christmas Tree

1. Cut a tree shape out of heavy card stock. It doesn’t have to be green, as the handprints will cover the card stock.
2. Cut a ‘trunk’ out of brown paper and staple to the bottom of the tree.
3. Trace your child’s hand onto green paper. Like the wreath, you could use plain green or several different shades/prints in green. Cut out handprints.
4. Let your kids glue or tape (again, double-stick) hands to the tree. It looks best if you attach the hands facing down and start at the bottom so they are layered to the top. Of course, I just let The Boy attach his willy-nilly, but it still looks good!
5. Cut out a star or angel and tape to the top of the tree.
6. Add ‘ornaments.’ We used stickers, lots of ’em!

Be sure you write your child’s name and the date on the back of the crafts. In ten years it might be hard to remember which child/year it is from.

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