Inexpensive Wrapping Paper

I have a hard time paying for wrapping paper that will just end up ripped off a gift and tossed into the trash bin. I do want my gifts to look nice, but ach, the cost of wrapping paper! Here are some of my favorite alternative options to traditional wrapping paper.

The Sunday Funnies. Colorful and fun to read!

Old Maps. Could be good for a spur-of-the-moment geography lesson. Use it to mark a special memory (vacation spot?) on something wrapped for your sweetie. If the map is blank on one side, spread it out and let your kids go to town with crayons, pens or paints.

Child’s Art. Wondering what to do with all those fingerpaint pictures? Have lots of crayon-colored pictures? Use them to wrap a small gift! The person on the receiving end of these gifts will love the paper colored ‘just for them.’

Brown Paper. Use stamps, stickers, child’s art or your own drawing/painting talents to embellish the paper.

Reverse side of regular paper. When all else fails and you need wedding gift wrap and all you have is SpongeBob birthday wrap, just wrap the gift with SpongeBob on the inside. See above about ways to decorate the reverse side of the wrapping paper.

If you’ve gotten this far and think this is good and all, you may be thinking what about ribbons? I recycle ribbons as much as I can. I also buy the big rolls of curling ribbon in plain colors like white, green, red and blue. One of these colors or a combination of several usually works with whatever type of wrap I’m using. I also tend to break out the pens and stickers when finishing off wrapping a gift.

Gift bags are great too. I recycle pretty much every one I receive and haven’t had to purchase a new one in several years. When I desperately need to purchase gift wrap materials, I head to a dollar store. I can usually get three gift boxes for a dollar and similar prices on wrap, ribbon and bags.

Happy Wrapping!

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