Juice Box Drinking Tips

I find little juice boxes to be quite annoying. Here are some strategies I employ to reduce the annoyance factor.

1. Take the first sip. If you hand a full juice box to a toddler, chances are that they will squeeze it just a tad too hard and there will be juice all over the place. If you have a clean freak child like I do, then you know that juice all over the clothes does not go over very well.

2. Replace the tiny straw with a normal-sized straw. The tiny straws that come with most juice boxes don’t actually reach the bottom of the box. I find this to be very wasteful – why am I buying the darn things if the kids can’t access all the juice?!? Also, the bigger straws are more sturdy in the hole and are less likely to be pulled out “accidentally.”

3. Drink it outside or at the table. I don’t want juice all over my couch or carpet thank you!

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