Keep Track of Your Little One’s Books

We currently have anywhere from 500 to ∞ children’s books littering the house. There is the full 5′ bookshelf in the kid’s room, the 7′ one in the living room, the books on the coffee table and the ones that are stashed in the couch for leisure reading between building train tracks and knocking down Lego towers.

We have ratty books, brand new books, books that make sounds, books that have lights and require batteries, puzzle books that come apart, cloth books, velcro books, old classics, new soon-to-be classics and possibly even lost library books. But how to keep track of them all and be able to share that list with relatives and friends so you don’t end up with 6 copies of Pat the Bunny?

Enter the website, You can create a free account and start entering all the books you have by title, author or ISBN. When you are done you get a fairly simple looking URL that you can send around to family and friends. This lists all the books and you can even see how many people also have a certain book on their list. Over 2000 for The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein!

You can even make other lists for yourself, but since you can fit about 20 children’s books in the space that Andrew Carnegie’s biography would fit, it is especially helpful for managing the ever growing kid’s bookshelf.

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