Living Without China

With all the talk recently of banned substances showing up in everything from food to tires to toys from China, you may start to think about trying to buy things not made in China. Well, good luck.

In Sara Bongiorni’s new book, A Year Without ‘Made in China’, she tries to do just that. And she discovers that it is not just difficult, but downright impossible. Check the book out and read this article on attempting to make it without Chinese products.

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  1. Your post is timely, as last night I listened to a show about the book, “The Late Great U.S.A.” where Dr. Jerome Corsi discusses how the products we are buying from China are made with slave labor – real slave labor.
    In it he writes, “In Imagine America selling out its independence to become a member of the global community. Superhighways – a quarter-mile wide – divide the landscape to enable free, unimpeded movement of people and goods across open borders with Mexico and Canada. Mexican drivers deliver under-market goods from China, but our middle class can’t earn enough “ameros” to buy these cheap products at Wal-Mart. Private foreign investors take control of our roads, airports, and hospitals. Think it can’t happen? This book shows how a bureaucratically-entrenched army of “world citizens” is working tirelessly towards this very scenario. In the brave new “North American Union” they envision, the U.S. will no longer be a sovereign nation, but a market designed for maximum economic exploitation by multinational corporations and foreign governments — American citizens be damned.”
    I am usually not much into ‘fear-based” idiologies, but this graduate of Harvard backs up his writings with solid evidence that makes one shudder and wonder how we in America are allowing this to happen. This is the generation that discovered Watergate, that ended the Viet Nam war – why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that we all don’t need 100 plastic container sets from China to store food…?…
    Catherine, the redhead

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