Make a Homemade Wreath

In years past, we have bought a fresh Christmas wreath for the front door. This year, to try to save money, I attempted a homemade one and am pretty happy with the results. Here’s what I suggest:

1. Find some greenery. We have a juniper tree in our yard that works very well. If you can, go with something that won’t get brown too quickly. Evergreen-type branches work the best. Cut an armful (more if you want a bigger wreath).

2. Cut some rosemary (if you have it) to use as well. This lends a wonderful aroma to your wreath.

3. I used some red berries from a tree down the street (get permission if you are trimming from a neighbor’s yard!).

4. Lay out a sheet (especially if you put the wreath together inside the house).

5. Find some malleable wire. I used beading wire and it worked quite well.

6. Gather one or two pieces of your evergreen, one or two sprigs of rosemary and one sprig of berries. (I only used 4 sprigs of berries total; not every bunch had one.)

7. Bind them together toward the bottom with the wire.

8. Repeat for as many bunches as you need for the size wreath you plan to make. I think I made about 10 bunches.

9. Now lay the bunches out as you want them to look in your wreath.

10. Bind each bunch together by finding a sturdy part of the evergreen and using the wire to fix it to the next bunch.

11. If you can, purchase or make (using a wire coat hanger) a circle to anchor your wreath. I did not do this.
My wreath is fairly sturdy (I used quite a bit of wire), but it would have been much easier to just affix each bunch to a wire wreath instead of to each other.

12. Attach one more loop of wire to use to hang the wreath.

13. Add ribbons or ornaments to make it even more festive.

-If you have little ones, do this during a sleep time, as your hands will get very sticky and sappy.
-Our front door gets direct sunlight for most of the day. The berries turned brown after about 5 days and now, after about a week, the greenery is beginning to brown. I estimate that it will last about one more week. If you want to spend a little money at the outset, purchase fake berries to use year after year.

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