Making Money On The Side

After having decided to take the big step of becoming single-income parents, you may begin to wonder if there are any ways of making a little extra money on the side. Of course, if you do find a way, you might not be a single-income family any more! Some stay-at-home parents just need a little extra cash to keep them going. There are many opportunities out there. You just have to consider where your talents lie and how much time and energy you are willing to invest.

If your primary goal in becoming a single income family is to stay at home to care for your children, consider babysitting or providing daycare as an opportunity to earn some extra money. Check with your state’s laws regarding child care. In California at least, you can care for one other family’s children with out a license. However, obtaining a license is not terribly difficult or expensive, if you think that becoming a home daycare provider is for you. Even a simple babysitting swap with another stay at home parent might provide you with some extra time to yourself. Time for myself, in my experience, is sometimes even better than money.

Are you a convincing salesperson? Perhaps try phone sales or appointment setting for a company.

Are you a former teacher? Most communities have many tutoring opportunities from adult schools, to English as a Second Language classes to K-12 students’ needs.

Try working for a secret shopper company. You have to grocery shop every week anyhow, right?

My personal favorite way to make a little extra money is eBay. I can sit down at my computer for one hour a week (assuming I’m not already spending that hour writing these articles) and post several items for sale. I’ve sold things for friends and family too. I take a small cut of the profits.

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