Paper Tablecloths

I don’t endorse using paper tablecloths, but sometimes you need to, right? Maybe to match with shower decorations, or at an outdoor party. After it is used, don’t throw it away! Check it for food stains (cut out or tear those parts off and throw them away), then save the rest. Here are some ideas for how to use it.

-Spread it out and let your kids go crazy with crayons or markers (just be sure the markers don’t bleed through to whatever is underneath).

-Cut it into smaller pieces to use for travel placemats or smaller coloring pages.

-Spread it out as a table protector for messy art times.

-Let your kids practice cutting with scissors (and supervision!).

-If it has a print, cut out the animals, flowers or whatnot and use them for other pasting crafts.

If you have to buy a paper tablecloth, be sure you get your money’s worth out of it!

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