Parenting as Leadership

I stumbled across this article by John Rosemond and found it quite thought-provoking. I then, of course, had to visit his website: So far, I like what I see there, lots of parenting help for all ages including teen parenting!

He has an article under his weekly column for 5/29/07 titled ‘Savor the joy of a picnic.‘ I love it. It is a call to bring back the family picnic and it is quite appropriate for this website too. Instead of paying for your kids to play in organized sports (there is nothing wrong with Little League or AYSO, it’s just expensive!), start organizing a family picnic tradition on sunny weekends. Take the kids, dogs and frisbees to a park and enjoy each other! Also, check out his Bill of Rights for Children.

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  1. I used to like Rosemond’s work until he got in trouble for re-using his columns and some newspapers quit carrying his column (including my hometown newspaper). I like the website that is run by the lady who used to work for him. She has sensible advice, too, and lots of ideas for summer time fun. Her website is

    She’s pretty funny, too!

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