Reading Comprehension, Part 3

Some final thoughts on Reading (although I may return to the topic again sometime).

Be sure to include some books in your routine that do not have printed words. Children can look at the pictures and help you tell the story. Talk about what is happening in each picture. Pause occasionally and predict what will happen next. Make connections to the story, “Has you ever seen a helicopter like that?” One of my favorite picture-only books is Good Dog Carl.

Eventually, when your child has the needed attention span, try books that do not have pictures. Talk to your child about what they ‘see’ in their minds as you read the words. Or, have them draw pictures to go along with the story.

Be sure to include some non-fiction literature as well. Informational books about animals or trucks can be just as stimulating and interesting for your child.

Establish reading as part of your daily routine and your child will be one step ahead of the game when school begins. Did you know that there are some children who begin Kindergarten not knowing how to turn pages of a book and who cannot recognize the front vs. back of a book?

Finally: Reading is a FREE activity! You don’t even have to buy a book. Visit your local library and borrow books for free. Or spend a little money at a Friends of the Library Book Sale, garage sales, or online book trading sites. Organize a book swap with your neighbors or other parents of young children.

Keep on Reading!

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