Super Baby Food

As a single-income family on a tight budget, we made most of our own baby food when The Boy first started eating solid foods. Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron was my food bible for a good year and a half. I still use it, although not as frequently and I’m sure I’ll return to it if The Boy ever gets A Sibling.

This book is chock-full of information on feeding infants and toddlers. There are recipes, food storage tips, health and safety tips and homemade craft ideas. There is a month-by-month guide to foods that could be introduced to your baby along with tips on how to prepare and store these foods at home. There are over 350 nutritious and delicious recipes for your baby and toddler. Who knew that I could whip up a batch of homemade crackers just like that?

I felt lost and confused when it came to feeding The Boy as he began to start on solids. This book really helped me plan out what foods to introduce and when. It also gave me some great ideas on how to store these foods. (In ice cube trays – you must read about that!) I highly recommend this book for any parent who wants to save money (and the environment – fewer plastic and glass containers) when it comes to feeding your baby. You will also know exactly what is going into your baby’s tummy. No extra preservatives or sugars.

The book is reasonably priced for the amount of information it contains. I was lucky enough to find it at a used book store for about half it’s new price. Remember to check out your library book sales, yard sales and online book trading/buying sites for cheaper books.

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