Book Review – Duck on a Bike by David Shannon

duckonabikeI like to recommend books that not only the little ones can enjoy, but also the person who will be doing the reading. Because, as you know, you might be reading it again and again and again! So, it had better be good.

This time around, the book is Duck on a Bike by David Shannon. Shannon is the author of the David series of books and has a bunch more to his credit. He is a wonderful illustrator and author and this 40 page book lives up to his reputation. It involves a duck in a farmyard that steals a bike and goes all around the farm seeing all his animal friends.

The illustrations are AMAZING and the page with all the animal on it, I won’t tell you why they are on it, is awesome. The look on their faces cracks me up every single time I read it, which is a lot. So for a nice book that is short and you will get a kick out of, check it out.