This Year’s Toys, Next Year’s Trash

Before you go out and buy the latest and greatest toys for your kids, head on over to WiseBread and read why this year’s hot toys are next year’s trash.

The tech toys are the worst, you probably will need plenty of batteries and accessories. Plus, by this time next year they will be in the bottom of the toy box or even broken. Save yourself the hassle and try and get timeless toys that aren’t one dimensional.

1 thought on “This Year’s Toys, Next Year’s Trash”

  1. I did a quick search on what happens to old computers and electronic equipment when we get tired of it (which happens quickly for kids as we all know). These youth electronic devices are made with toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, arsenic, stuff like that. When we throw them in the trash, they go into our landfills and leach into the soil and our water. When we “recycle” them, industry insiders say 80 percent of the e-waste material is exported, and 90 percent of that material goes to China.

    There, lots of women and children strip these toxic materials by hand for every reusable bit of plastic or metal and sell it. Including lead, it seems. I wonder if this is the same lead showing up in our kids’ toys. Knowing about this cycle makes me wonder if my daughter really NEEDS that “laptop” shaped like Barbie’s purse.

    Here are the links I was looking at for your reference:

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